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    Listerine® Refresh Whitening® Freshening Whitening Rinse. #1 dentist recommended brand. New look. Easy. For a healthy looking white smile. Whitens teeth safely. Prevents stain buildup. Kills bad breath germs. Clean mint. 473 ml (16 fl oz). For a healthy looking white smile. Get teeth white and keep them white with Listerine® Whitening® refresh rinse. Its dynamic foaming action starts to work on contact to safely whiten teeth and kill bad breath germs. Use twice a day for a whiter, more confident smile. Works on contact to whiten teeth safely. Prevents stain buildup. Keeps teeth white. Kills bad breath germs. This formula is not sold to any retailer as a store brand. Questions 888-222-5545; outside US, dial collect 215-273-8755. This Listerine® bottle design is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. Contains active dental peroxide which releases oxygen while whitening. This may cause the bottle to inflate slightly or release air when opened. ©McNeil-PPC, Inc. 2012. www.listerinewhitening.com.