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    Savory grilled prime burger flavor, veggie-style. 39% less fat than ground beef (Regular ground beef [71 g] contains 15 g total fat. MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime burgers [71 g] contain 9 g total fat). 170 calories per serving. Excellent source of protein. Kellogg's Family Rewards: KelloggsFamilyRewards.com. Paper box. Plastic Bag: Recycle if clean & dry; store drop off. how2recycle.info. 100% vegetarian. 100% recycled paperboard. Questions or Comments? Visit: morningstarfarms.com. Call: 1-800-962-0120. Exchange: 2 medium-fat meats. The dietary exchanges are based on the Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes, 2008 by American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association.