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    Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Ginger & Lemon Shortbread. Established 1898. Certified gluten free. No genetically modified ingredients. No hydrogenated fats. Vegetarian. Walkers gluten free shortbread is baked in the secluded village of Aberlour, Speyside in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Based on a traditional recipe we have created this shortbread to make sure everyone can enjoy the taste of Scottish pure butter shortbread. Our gluten free shortbread is baked with the finest ingredients possible to obtain and contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Walkers Shortbread Ltd®. www.walkersshortbread.com. Certified by Coeliac UK. For information contact Walkers Shortbread, Inc between 9:00AM - 4.30PM EST: 1 800 521 0141. www.us.walkersshortbread.com/glutenfree.