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    No. 1 brand recommended in North America (More dishwasher brands in North America recommend Cascade vs. any other automatic dishwashing detergent brand, recommendations as part of co-marketing agreements)., Dawn: Grease fighting power., Tougher than stuck-on messes., Toughness Comparison: Compare Cascade's Product Power: Platinum: grease cleaning; shine; removes burnt-on food. Complete: grease cleaning; shine. Original: grease cleaning., Cascade believes in the safety and quality of our products. Safe for septic tanks., Make sure items are dishwasher safe and follow manufacturer's directions. Phosphate free. Good Housekeeping: Quality tested since 1909. Limited warranty. ghseal.com for details. www.cascadeclean.com. SmartLabel: Scan with SmartLabel app for more info. For more ingredient information visit www.cascadeclean.com 1-800-765-5516. Visit Cascadeclean.com to learn more about what goes into our products and why we make those choices. For Best Results Sse: Cascade Rinse Aid + Dishwasher Cleaner., Try Your Ultimate Clean: Platinum Actionpac: Tackle tough messes + Rinse aid: Reduce spots & streaks + Dishwasher cleaner: Keep your machine sparkling.