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    With barbeque sauce added. Ready to serve. Heat & eat. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. www.brookwoodfarms.com. Premium Pit-Cooked Barbeque Guaranteed: Twig and Craig Wood continue the family heritage of making great barbeque where quality wont be compromised. To them, slow cooking over charcoals is the only way to bring out the flavor of real Southern-style pit-cooked barbeque. At Brookwood Farms, the best lean pork shoulders and hams are cooked 12 hours over an open pit of hickory charcoal. The results have been astonishing. Brookwood Farms' products are now at the center of the menu at some of America's favorite restaurants, is available in a growing number of supermarkets and is now available directly to you at www.brookwoodfarms.com. As Twig and Craig's children join Brookwood Farms, a fourth-generation's passion for quality barbeque assures the heritage of real pit-cooked barbeque will remain for decades to come.