V8® Harvest™ Greens 100% Vegetable Juice 32 fl. oz. Bottle

Every 32 oz. bottle of V8® Harvest™ Greens contains the juice of tomatoes, cucumber, celery, tomatillo, spinach, romaine, kale & green pepper (not from concentrate). We drew upon our 80 years of vegetable juicing expertise to craft the all new V8® Harvest™ 100% Vegetable Juice from our highest-quality ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes. Every bottle is filled with the bountiful harvest of garden vegetables and perfectly seasoned with natural flavors for a bold and refreshing taste. 100% Vegetable Juice with Excellent Nutrition 2 Full Servings of Vegetables* Only 40 Calories and 6 Grams of Sugar* Good Source of Vitamin A and B12 Delicious Savory Taste Accessible, Delicious Version of the Mainstream Green Juice Trend Kosher