Ruffles Potato Chips, Reduced Fat

No preservatives. RRRuffles have ridges. Smart Choices Made Easy: Ruffles brand reduced fat potato chips are a smart choice because each serving has 0g trans fat, 1g saturated fat and 25% less fat than regular Ruffles Potato chips. Fat content has been reduced from 10 grams per 1 oz serving to 7 grams per 1 oz serving. Made with oils that support heart health. This snack is made with oils that provide mostly good unsaturated fats and have zero grams of trans fat. These oils can support heart health when replacing saturated and trans fats from other sources as part of a healthy diet that maintains calorie balance. We grow the best snacks on Earth. Still made with Heart Healthy Oil (replacing saturated fat with similar amounts of unsaturated fats may reduce the risk of heart disease. To achieve this benefit, total daily calories should not increase). Reduced fat. 25% Less fat than regular Ruffles potato chips.