Bare Fruit Crunchy Apple Chips Cinnamon

Bare Fruit® Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips. Grown in the USA. Less than 90 calories per 28g serving. Per 28g serving. Calories 90. Dietary fiber 4g. Fat 0g. 100% natural. 3 in every bag. Gluten free. 100% all natural cinnamon apples (baked into crunchy chips). Get healthy! No added sugar. No preservatives. Fat free. Gluten free. All natural. No cholesterol. 0g trans fat. Good source of dietary fiber. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and as low as possible in trans fat, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Get crunchy! Sprinkle over hot oatmeal. Toss into salads. Mix into yogurt. Fruits & Veggies More Matters™. Have a suggestion Send it in to us and if we use it, you will get a free case of apple chips. Get natural! Eating fruit just got easier! Bare Fruit® apple chips are a delicious snack you can take anywhere. When you and your family are trying to eat healthy, reach for delicious, crunchy goodness-reach for Bare Fruit®. 3 apples in ever bag. Get local! Bare Fruit® harvests exclusively USA apples. And that's important because USA apples are the highest quality apples in the world. Our apples are specifically known for their sweet taste and crispy goodness. Get cinnamon! Because we bare it all, right down to the core. Using no preservatives, adding no sugar, never frying or freeze drying, we offer apples in a way you have never tried before - but will absolutely love. Contains no nuts. Produced in a nut free facility. We bare more of our story at: