SlimFast Low Carb Meals Shake, Chocolate Royale

2g Net Carbs per Serving. 190 Calories per Serving. For use as part of a low carb diet. Splenda brand. Naturally and artificially flavored. Essential Nutrition on the Slim-Fast Plan: The Slim-Fast plan for a low carb diet helps you lose weight safely and effectively by reducing your carbs and calories, while giving you the essential nutrition you need. Calcium: Helps build strong bones; Antioxidants (C, E): May help neutralize free radicals which can damage cells; Vitamin B12: Helps support cell health; Phosphorus: Helps maintain normal cell function; Zinc: Helps support a healthy immune system; Protein: Helps maintain normal muscle growth. Net Carbs Calculation: For those watching their carbs, count 2 grams, as Fiber has minimal impact on blood sugar. Total Carbohydrate 6g minus (-) Fiber 4g = Net Carbs 2g.