SlimFast Hot Meal Options Shells and Creamy Cheese Sauce

5 Pasta & Sauce Servings. 240 Calories. 18 Vitamins and minerals. Microwave 3-1/2 min. Just add water. Lose weight, feel great. The Slim-Fast Easy Options Plan is a guide to help you manage your weight. If you are trying to lose weight, substitute two meals a day with Slim-Fast Meal Options and make sure you eat a sensible third meal. When maintaining your weight, substitute one meal a day. When you get hungry between meals, go ahead and enjoy a snack such as fruit, vegetables or one of Slim-Fast Snack Options. Remember also to exercise and drink plenty of water daily. Controlling your weight is not easy. The Slim-Fast Easy Options Plan provides you with simple choices you can make to help you easily fit weight management into your own unique lifestyle. The delicious and nutritional pasta & sauce meal that's ready in minutes. Just add water. It's a great new addition to the Slim-Fast Easy Options Plan, to help you lose weight and feel great.