Tostitos Light Tortilla Chips, Restaurant Style

1 g of fat per serving. Made with olestra. All the taste. 1/3 fewer calories than regular tortilla chips. Olean. Calorie content has been reduced from 140 to 90 calories per serving. Tostitos brand Light Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips deliver the irresistible great taste and satisfaction you expect from Tostitos brand but with 1 gram of fat per serving and one-third fewer calories than regular tortilla chips! How do we do it? We make Tostitos Brand Light Tortilla Chips with Olean brand fat free cooking oil (also known as olestra). Product Comparison (per 1 oz Serving): Tostitos Brand Light Tortilla Chips: Fat 1 g; Calories 90; Taste 100%. Regular Tortilla Chips: Fat 7 g; Calories 140; Taste 100%.