Fifty 50 Cookies, Low Glycemic, Butter

Half our profits fund diabetes research. Fructose sweetened. For use in a low glycemic diet. 0 g trans fat. Recycled. Recyclable. Learn about the low glycemic diet. Research shows all carbohydrates are not equal in terms of the blood glucose (glycemic) response they produce. Clinical studies show some foods increase blood sugar significantly (high glycemic foods) while others produce a lower rise (low glycemic foods). This chart compares the blood sugar (glycemic) response of table sugar (sucrose) and crystalline fructose, the sweetener used in Fifty 50 foods. Low glycemic foods can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and can even help control your appetite. A low glycemic diet works. I know. I started using low glycemic foods to help better manage my type 1 diabetes and the results were almost immediate. Compare the blood sugar (glycemic) response of instant oatmeal and table syrup to Fifty 50 oatmeal and table syrup. You can see how making simple changes in the carbohydrates you eat can make a difference. It works for me and it can work for you. It's just a matter of knowing which foods are the best carbohydrate choices. Learn about the glycemic index and see what a low glycemic diet can do for you with the Fifty 50 Guide to the Low Glycemic Diet. Visit our web site at for more information and a free download of the guide. Or you can order the guide by writing to: Fifty 50 Foods, Inc., PO Box 89, Mendham, NJ 07945. Please send $3 to cover our printing, mailing & handling costs and allow 2 weeks for delivery. I also recommend the web site of a diabetes educator who is an expert in low glycemic meal planning. It's - Gary Russell. Fifty 50 contributes half of the profits from the sales of these cookies and all other products to diabetes research. To date, our contributions have totaled over $10 million. Gary Russell, President. Pat Gawdun, Fifty 50's Nutritionist. Own an insulin pump? Now you can use any of the many new infusion sets on the market, regardless of which insulin pump you use. It's true. Our new reservoir was engineered specifically for your pump and will allow you to use any infusion set on the market today. Free Offer: Order a box of the new, feature-rich Fifty 50 Infusion Sets and receive a free box of the new Fifty 50 Reservoirs. Call or visit the Fifty 50 web site to see our new insulin pump products, as well as all the other Fifty 50 diabetes products and supplies. Order today at Be sure to check our web site often tor new products and the latest designs! Exchange Information for People with Diabetes: Four cookies equal 1-1/2 starch or other carbohydrate exchanges and 2 fat exchanges. Calculations based on Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes, 2008 American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association.