Fifty 50 Spread, Grape, Low Glycemic

For use in a low glycemic diet. Artificially flavored. Sugar-free. Low calorie. 80% less calories than regular grape jelly. Half our profits fund diabetes research. NutraSweet brand sweetener. Fifty 50 Grape Spread contains 10 calories per serving compared with regular grape jelly which has 50 calories. Exchange Information for People with Diabetes: One tablespoon equals a Free Food Exchange. Calculations based on Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, 2003, American Diabetes Association, Inc., The American Dietetic Association. The Fifty 50 Story: There's a simple reason why our company is called Fifty 50. We contribute half of the profits from the sales of all our products to diabetes research. Fifty 50 will continue to contribute 50% of its profits to diabetes research until the day a cure is found.