FIFTY 50 Fructose Sweetened Low Glycemic Hearty Oatmeal Cookies

For use in a low glycemic diet. Fructose sweetened. Over the past 20 years, researchers have taken a closer look at carbohydrate foods and how they affect blood glucose. This led some researchers to replace the classification of carbohydrates as either simple or complex with the theory that all carbohydrates are the same. Other however, pursued clinical studies that showed some foods increase blood sugar quickly and dramatically while other foods produce a slower rise. Further studies have shown a diet using low glycemic index foods (those that produce a slower rise in blood glucose) can help people manage diabetes better and even lose weight at the same time. There's a simple reason why our company is called Fifty 50. We contribute half of all our profits from the sales of our products to diabetes research. Fifty 50 will continue to combine 50% of its profits to diabetes research until the day a cure can be found. Product of Canada.