Atkins Endulge Super Premium Ice Cream, Chocolate

3g Net Carbs per 4 fl oz serving. At Atkins, we take good health very seriously. That's why controlled carbohydrate nutritional science underlies the development of every Atkins product we bring you. Atkins Endulge Super Premium Ice Cream is a deliciously sweet and satisfying treat without all of the sugar and other carbs you don't need. Sinfully satisfying; 3 grams of Net Carbs per delicious serving; No hydrogenated oils. Net Carbs 3g: For those controlling their carbs, count only 3g of the 12g of Total Carbs in this product. Subtract Sugar Alcohol (4g), Glycerin (1g), and Dietary Fiber (4g) which all have a minimal impact on blood sugar. Endulge Responsibly - 4 Servings per pint.