Flat Earth Veggie Crisps, Baked, Farmland Cheddar

Rice, potato and veggie crisps. Naturally flavored. 1/2 serving baked veggies in each ounce. Here's to doing things they say can't be done. Like combining wholesome ingredients with real chip taste. Asking nutritious to play well with delicious. And creating a crispy crave-able snack you can feel good about eating. 1/2 serving of real vegetables baked into every ounce. A good source of vitamins A & C. Naturally baked, 0 grams trans fat. Impossible? Impossibly good. Carpe Snackem no. 23: Seize the day, and get a 1/2 serving of veggies baked in every ounce. (Sort of like getting a free gift with purchase, but without the little tote bag.) 130 calories per serving. 5 g fat per serving.