Flat Earth Baked Fruit Crisps, Apple Cinnamon Grove

A blend of rice, potato and apple. 1/2 serving of real fruit in every ounce. When pigs fly: People once believed the world was a flat. That is until someone set course to prove otherwise. When a small group of passionate women at Frito-Lay challenged beliefs that Tasty Snacks are bad for you and Nutritious Snacks are boring they decided to create the Flat Earth brand - a constant reminder that beliefs can indeed change. With a tasty blend of potato, rice and fruit, these Impossible Good fruit crisps make it possible to have great taste and nutrition. And the flying pig? It seemed like a fitting symbol for a snack that was once thought impossible. A serving of real fruit in every ounce of crisps! Naturally baked. A good source of vitamin C. 0 grams of trans fat. Low in sodium. No artificial flavors or preservatives.