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    Strawberry light ice cream with strawberries and strawberry sauce. Wells - Quality since 1913. Sweetened with Splenda brand. 90 calories; 2.5 g total fat (4% DV); 19 g carbs (6% DV). Great Taste! 1/2 the fat; 1/3 fewer calories than regular ice cream. Snaps tight to lock in freshness. Go ahead and indulge - you deserve it! Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean you give up great tasting ice cream! Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream & novelties are a delicious way to have it all - no sugar added, light offerings in a wide range of flavors with a variety of choices that taste great! Fat has been reduced 72%, from 9 g to 2.5 g and calories have been reduced 44%, from 160 to 90 per serving from the leading national brands of strawberry ice cream. bluebunny.com. Diet Exchange Per Serving: 1/2 cup = 1 starch + 1/2 fat. Diet exchanges are based on Exchange Lists for Meal Planning. 1995 American Diabetes Assoc., Inc. and The American Dietetic Assoc.