SweetMate Sweetener, Zero Calorie

Same sweetener as Sweet 'n Low at a sweetener price! Sweet 'n Low and Sweetmate contain the sweetener saccharin. Sweeten - without all the calories! Sweetmate is the great way to sweeten coffee, iced tea, cereal, fruit and more. Sweetmate is so versatile you can use it for all your sweetening needs-and it dissolves instantly in hot or cold beverages. Sweetmate, unlike sugar, has 0 calories so you can use it every time you want to add great sweet taste to your coffee, iced tea and favorite foods. Each packet as sweet as 2 tsp sugar. Questions about equal? Call toll free 1-800-323-5316 or write SweetMate Consumers Affairs, Box 1280, South Bend, IN 46624-1280. Produced with genetic engineering. 100% recycled paperboard.