Alaffia Skin Cream, Multipurpose, Africa's Secret

Authentic. Equality. Empowerment. Beauty. Fair Trade. Alaffia balances science with tradition to holistically benefit your body, communities, and the environment. Africa's Secret is a restorative multipurpose skin cream based on a traditional infusion of botanicals and bee products handed down from generation to generation. Fair for Life. 57% of all ingredients are Fair Trade certified. 10 Restorative Ingredients: Shea butter - protects & moisturizes; Coconut oil - softens & rejuvenates; Beeswax - shields & soothes; African wild honey - hydrates & clarifies; Neem oil - balances & normalizes; Baobab oil - regenerates & tones; Sesame oil - detoxifies & invigorates; Royal jelly - nourishes & stimulates; Bee pollen - beautifies & strengthens; Bee propolis - harmonizes & adapts. Non-GMO. No animal testing. Handcrafted. Gluten free. Pollinator Conservation: Funds from the sales of Africa's Secret support the Xerxes Society, dedicated to the conservation of pollinators, including bees. Bees are critical to our food supply and the world's biodiversity. Colonies across the world are being devastated by exposure to pesticides, disease, and environmental stress. Alaffia uses only sustainably harvested wild honey from Togo with humanely sourced antibiotic-free beeswax, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly from independent beekeepers in the USA. Wild African honey. No fragrance added. No parabens. This box is made from 100% recycled fibers with at least 50% post consumer content. Please recycle or reuse all our packaging. Handmade by Alaffia in Olympia, WA USA from ingredients made by our cooperatives in Togo, Africa.