Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Laundry Detergent, Fresh Scent

63 loads (This package contains detergent for 63 small loads of wash (as measured to Line 2 on scoop). The precise number of loads from each package will vary slightly with the method of scooping and settling during shipment). Plus the power of OxiClean stain fighters. Whiter whites, brighter brights (Versus regular Arm & Hammer powder laundry detergent)! Baking soda fresh! Cleans over 101 stains. Keeps color vibrant! Contains less than 0.5% phosphorus by weight. Biodegradable cleaning agents. Safe for septic systems. Introducing Arm & Hammer Plus the Power of OxiClean! This unique laundry detergent combines the cleaning and freshening power of Arm & Hammer detergent with OxiClean stain fighters! Arm & Hammer Plus the Power of OxiClean cleans over 101 stains, yet is color safe. No fading, no bleaching (When used according to package directions). Just clean, bright colorful clothes that look and smell terrific! Unleash the 2-in-1 power for cleaner, whiter, fresher laundry with Arm & Hammer Plus the Power of OxiClean! Manufactured in the United States.