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Shopping Tips
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Always Prepared
10. Dried Fruits. Take advantage of the the vast assortment of dried fruits available and dress up your cereal or salads...or simply enjoy as a snack.
9. Leftovers. Re-create leftovers to make a whole new meal. Use them in wraps or sandwiches, for quesadillas, in casseroles or with pasta.
8. Convenience. Pick up some frozen or canned fruits and vegetables for later in the week or for busy nights.
7. Experiment. Try a new fruit or vegetable or prepare a familiar one in a different way.
6. Seasoning Combinations. Buy plain (unseasoned) frozen vegetables and create seasoning combinations using herbs, lemon juice, or garlic to keep out the fat and salt.
5. 100% Juice. Look for fruit and vegetable juices that say 100% juice!
4. Smoothies for Breakfast. Frozen fruit makes great smoothies for a breakfast on the run.
3. Easy to Grab & Go. Fill up that fruit bowl so you and your family can grab and go.
2. Meatless Meals. Plan one or more meatless meals for the week - there are endless possibilities for using dried or canned beans. They're cheap too! Check out the variety in your store.
1. Make More. Plan for leftovers so you have a ready-meal.
Do the RIPE Thing!
Our superior selection of fruits & vegetables from around the globe is the finest available - just right for your table! Eating right for health AND flavor is easy with our fresh choices. Come into Edwards Food Giant & see the freshness difference!
Snacks - Use these easy, fun tips to help you eat a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day!
• Try hummus and whole wheat pitas.
• Snack on vegetables like bell pepper strips and broccoli with a low-fat or fat-free ranch dip.
• Try baked tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa.
• Stash bags of dried fruit at your desk for a convenient snack.
• Keep a bowl of fruit on your desk or counter.
• Drink a fruit smoothie made with whole fruit, ice cubes, and low-fat or fat-free yogurt.
• Top a cup of fat-free or low-fat yogurt with sliced fresh fruit.
• For quick and easy snacks, stock up on fresh, dried, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables.
• Pick up ready-packed salad greens from the produce shelf for a quick salad any time.
• Encourage your child to choose his or her own fruit when shopping.
• Store cleaned, cut-up vegetables in the fridge at eye level and keep a low-fat or fat-free dip on hand.
• Canned, dried, and frozen fruits and vegetables are also good options. Look for fruit without added sugar or syrups and vegetables without added salt, butter, or cream sauces.